Seb, 18, NYU Steinhardt Music Composition Major. I like music. Aspirations of being a film scorer. I like art, film, history, skateboarding, marine life, and some other scattered topics.



Sculptor Ted Lawson evokes darkness, death, and the sublime with “CRUDE” and Death of Narrative

at Emannuel Fremin Gallery

A Brooklyn-based artist and a native of Boston, MA, Ted Lawson studied sculpture at the Philadelphia University of the Arts. His works combine the newest digital technology with the skills of a traditional sculptor, embodying his artistic vision centered on the connection between eroticism, geometry, and death.

Death of Narrative: Cast Resin- 144″x72″x24″ – 2013
CRUDE: Cast Resin, found objects, steel – 2013



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"Taking Justine and Juliette from Marquis de Sade as a starting point, this new collection from Crajes is a powerful series of oil paintings and ink works on paper. The strength of their collection is in every detail, the execution and the technique are wrapped in a halo of sensuality, fragility and perversity that stand together without being disconnected.

When creating a strange climate which is full of beauty and disturbing images a crevasse appears in the analysis of human nature and how it has been melded along with the preset canons by individuals.”  Synesthesia Garden


The Project Twins, based in Ireland, have used their graphic art skills to illustrate this collection of strange, unusual and lost words. I am determined to start using as many of these words as I can in conversation - do this with me and together we can help bring them out of obscurity!

Artists inspired by 1960′s style movie posters


Rise Against’s ”I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore” music video.



Nico is just such an interesting human.
I’ll bet he’d be a riot in a game of apples to apples.


Skateboarding Ghost
Music by Philip Glass

A work of fucking art.